Rita Translations
Rita Translations is managed by Rita Lichshtein, who holds a M.A. in Russian literature and language with extensive translation exprience. Rita Lichshtein is a member of the ITA - Israel Translators Assosiciation. Rita specializes in translations from Hebrew to Russian and Russian to Hebrew in various fields; we also supply editing and proofreading services. We have a team of experienced translators that translate to and from a wide range of languages: English, Hebrew, French, Dutch, German, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Greek, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Romanian, Hungarian, Yiddish and more. Our motto is: We provide only quality translations and meet strict timetables.

Our specialty
We at Rita Translations specialize in various fields, including legal translations, business translations, finincial translations, military translations, medical translations, technical translations and many other fields.

Call us at 054-4465833 (Dial 972-644465833 outside of Israel)

Among the projects carried out by Rita:
- Russian translation of "Israel Travel Guide" for the Ministry of Tourism
- Russian Translation of IDF information brochures
- Russian translation of the official website of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption: www.moia.gov.il
- Russian translation of the SPCA Israel website: www.spca.co.il
- Translation of recorded materials for the Masada and Yad Vashem Museums
- Russian translation and copywriting for various websites, including:

and many more...

Contact Us
Tel: +972-544465833
Email: sash30@bezeqint.net